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Square rubber block

Square rubber block

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  • Place of Origin:  HENG SHUI
  • Brand Name:  ShunTong
  • Model Number:  03

1 rubber molding, after pressing, the elastic body is within the cohesion can not be eliminated, the molding die, often have a very unstable contraction (rubber shrinkage due to rubber vary), required after a period of time, and can be stable. Therefore, when a rubber product design, regardless of formula or mold, it is necessary to calculate with caution, if not, it is easy to produce product size is not stable, resulting in low quality products.           

2 is a rubber elastic body of thermosetting plastic is hot, hot to cold setting. Rubber because of different types of sulfur compounds, the temperature range of molding and curing, there is a considerable gap, and even as a result of climate change, the indoor temperature and humidity of the impact. Therefore, the production of rubber products, the need to do at any time to adjust the appropriate, if not, it may produce differences in the quality of products.           

3 rubber products is the internal mixer made of mixed rubber as raw materials made of rubber materials in rubber according to the desired characteristics of rubber products and design formula, and set the desired product hardness. The product is made of rubber plate curing press molding. Product forming after the end of the fly edge processing, the product surface smooth without burr.           

4 rubber products aging test belongs to the category of aging test, rubber aging refers to rubber and products in the processing, storage and use of the process, due to the comprehensive effect of internal and external factors caused by the performance of the structure change, then the loss of use value phenomenon. Is cracked, sticky, hardening, softening, disintegration, discoloration, mildew etc..  

  • Place of Origin:  HENG SHUI
  • Brand Name:  ShunTong
  • Model Number:  03
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