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Industrial rubber sheet

Industrial rubber sheet

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  • Place of Origin:  HENG SHUI
  • Brand Name:  ShunTong
  • Model Number:  01

The rubber plate used widely, according to the different operating conditions of different rubber plate, and use a different environment and actual requirements, the selection process is different, such as site construction technology used for rubber or plastic cooked self vulcanized rubber under the condition of using the ambient temperature is too high, generally with autoclave heat vulcanized rubber vulcanized rubber plate, improve heat resistant performance, construction conditions and operating conditions on rubber plate requirements Luoyang Rita Rubber Co. in-depth research, especially for some practical techniques, especially for mining and power plant maintenance time is short, the rubber plate wear demanding conditions         Rubber plate main scope of use           

The main applications in the industrial rubber plate in anticorrosion, wear and impact resistance of the protection equipment and devices, such as rubber plate thermal power plant desulfurization system and water treatment corrosion is mainly used for anti-corrosion, and the rubber plate is mainly in mining wear and impact resistance of the protective equipment and related pipeline equipment, can extend its equipment etc. service life. In the field of cold bonding technology, the research of the field cold bonding technology is more deeply, which greatly reduces the cost and improves the life of the enterprise. 

  • Place of Origin:  HENG SHUI
  • Brand Name:  ShunTong
  • Model Number:  01
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